Monday, May 5, 2008

May Newsletter

Yesterday I finished writing and emailed out my May newsletter. It is not yet on the web site but probably will be by the end of the month. If I am diligent I try to update my website at least once a month.

Since this is a free newsletter, I do try to get it out at the beginning of the month and my goal each time is to get it out no later than the first Sunday of the month. Yeah, I know, that isn't always a goal that is met, but that's life. Sometimes I don't get one out at all.

I really like the idea of the newsletter, I love sharing my knowledge and the little tidbits of info I have accumulated over the years. However, it is work. Deciding on the contents, researching the information, doing the actual writing, maintaining the mailing list and sending it out. Formal writing has never been one of my strengths but I like the outcome so I do it. I do better when I am in the right mood for it. Since that's true and when I am in the mood, I try to write more stuff for future issues so at least part of it is ready.

If you want to be added to my mailing list just let me know I will never sell or give out the mailing list, it is for the newsletter only.

Any suggestions for topics or questions or comments in general are always welcomed.

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