Saturday, May 17, 2008

Color Pencil Workshop 2

Yesterday I took another workshop by Kate Lagaly. She is an extremely talented artist, great teacher and a wonderful friend. It was sponsored by the Seacoast Artist Guild. Twelve of us were smart enough to attend. Thanks to Ann for getting us access to the Salter's Cove club house, it was a great venue.

We had a choice of three paintings to create after Kate did a very extensive demonstration. We all did the flower. Then we had a choice of the vase or a horse. Since I am not particularly a horse person, I chose to do the vase. By the time we were doing the 2nd painting, I was starting to get a little brain drained, so I did not have the patience to do a true value study as Kate suggested. Plus I love color - so I did my vase my own way (problem student - what can I say). I was more interested in playing with burnishing to get the look of glass. Although I have gotten better with the pencils since I first tired using them this way at last September's workshop, I still have a way to go to learn all of the techniques and to feel comfortable with them. Like any skill, practice helps. I plan to continue playing with the color pencils they do have some nice qualities. I will keep you posted with my future attempts.

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