Friday, July 25, 2008

Live Oak in Autumn

I began a painting of a Live Oak and I wanted it in autumn colors. Those in the South familiar with live oaks know that they do not really change colors - they are green year round. However, they do always drop leaves and get new ones. The ones that fall are brown and amber. So I exaggerated those colors in the leaves. The tree canopies still need more intensity and deeper values. I was painting wet into wet and the blue sky was muting the leaf color too much. I like the intense colors on the ground. That is another way to get the autumn look with evergreens. I will let it dry a while before I go back and punch up the colors.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Autumn Landscape Workshop - Idea 1 Reworked

I reworked the 1st concept I had for the workshop. It is easier to design a composition when you are not working upside down and sideways while talking the whole time. I like this rendition much better. This will be available as a 2nd option. The students that want to work on a different painting, or get done sooner than others or have something to take home and do themselves. I am happy with this one.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Autumn Landscape Idea #2 - 2nd Try

At the open studio on Thursday, I created a second rendition of the second idea for the Sept 27 workshop. I really like this one and will use it as the star of the workshop.

Thanks to Foster Caddell for the inspiration of the composition. His book 'Keys to Successful Landscape Painting' has been my bible since I began painting. If you can find it I highly recommend it. It is one of the first art 'how to' books I ever bought on the recommendation of a wonderful art supply store owner and has been a very valuable tool ever since. He has also written articles for Artist Magazine and others on his approach to landscape painting.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Autumn Landscape Idea #2

OK, I did not like the first idea for the Autumn Landscape workshop. This is all part of the process of creating a workshop. First one determines the concept to be covered, then one tries to decide what painting will be created that is a good example of the concept. Then you hope it is one that you like, that you feel all the students will be able to do and get a decent result. Its nice to have a backup too. Not all students paint at the same rate. Its nice to have something else for the quicker students.

So after more research and sketching, I found this one that I like better. It is easier to illustrate and make work the aerial perspective and realistic autumn colors. These are the two items I want to focus on, in the workshop. This is my first oil rendition of the idea. I like it! I may adjust a couple of things, but this will work. Now I need to finalize the supply list. Got the paints covered, those will be included in the workshop. Students will need to bring the rest of their supplies.

I may still work on the first concept painting. Use that for students who may finish the first one early or who want another to take home and play with.

Keep 9/27 open if you want to come join the fun!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Open Studio 08 Extended Through August

Due to popular demand, I am extending the Open Studio sessions at the Base Rec Center until August 28th. Thursday mornings 9 am til noon. All are welcomed. Come create in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Assistance is available if requested. Come have fun!

Class Schedule 2008-2009

I finally have my class schedule for the coming year decided. The classes are held in six week sessions. However, you can also come and pay per week if that works better for you. Classes are on Thursdays from 9 am til noon at the Base Rec Center (near the new Market Commons). My classes cover Oils or Acrylics, your choice. Each student works at their own project at their own pace. All skill levels are welcomed, even those that are true beginners. A supply list is available on my web site

I ---- Sept 18- Oct 23
II --- Oct 30 - Dec 11 (no class on 11/27 Thanksgiving)

III -- Jan 8 - Feb 12
IV --- Feb 19 - March 26
V ---- April 2 - May 14 (no class on 4/9 Easter)

Open Studio will begin on May 21st

All dates subject to change. If a class is canceled, it is made up the next week and the next session is pushed backed accordingly.

Kate's Watercolor and Color Pencil classes are on Tuesday, starting on Sept 16 and running the same weeks as mine. Hers may change depending on her kids' schools schedules.

Autumn Landscape Workshop - The Beginning

I will be offering a one day workshop on Sept 27, Saturday, 9-4, at the Base Rec Center. Jointly sponsored by WACG and the Myrtle Beach Base Rec Center. It is an oil painting workshop on creating an Autumn landscape with emphasis on getting natural looking autumn colors and getting a sense of space in your painting (aerial perspective). The paints will be provided but the students will need to bring the rest of their supplies. I still need to create a supply list. The goal is that by the end of the workshop the student should have a mostly if not fully completed painting. We will be working wet on wet, since it is just a one day workshop. That much has been decided.

Now for me the real work begins. What painting will we do? I did a sketch while watching TV the other night and during the open studio yesterday did a 1 hour oil sketch as a demo to get a feel for it. It needs lots of work. I was painting flat and sideways and never stood back to review - it was mostly a demonstration of how I approach doing a landscape for a couple of students - so it is not a great painting. But it was what I needed, an idea of how it might look.

I will change the layout quite a bit. I want more of the horizon and sky to show. I want the trees to change position. I don't like the hanging branch. I don't like the shape of the trees' canopies. But yah gotta start somewheres and this is just that - a start. I do like most of the colors. So now I work on the composition to improve it.

Art in the Park - July 08

Its that time again! Art in the Park is being held this weekend Sat & Sun from 10 til 4. If the weatherman is right it should be a nice weekend to check out the art and crafts. Plenty of free parking across the street at the Kmart shopping center or lots of meters around the park.

The park is full of trees to provide plenty of shade and just a couple of blocks from the ocean so there is usually a nice sea breeze too.

I was busy yesterday laying out the park for the vendors so everything is good to go. Come out and see what's happening.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Great Place to Live

Yesterday we celebrated Independence Day. Today I find myself thinking what a great place this country is to live in. Although I disagree with some of the policies, politics and actions of our government, it is still right up there. As an artist I especially appreciate the freedom of expression we have. So even though I complain - I do vote and participate in my local government. The way to make something better is to improve it one small step at a time, so do your part and help make this even a better place to live. God Bless America!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Website Updated

I try to update my web site at least once a month. I wait until I write my e-newsletter for the month so I can add that to web site too.
Then I put most if not all of my new paintings on the 'New Stuff' page. The stuff that was there previously gets moved to the appropriate artwork page. Sometimes it fits, sometimes I remove photos of older work, especially if there are other paintings that are similar. Once or twice a year I revamp the pages, adding one - like I did Florals this year. Or adding a link - like the one to this blog.

Overall I am happy with it. Any comments or questions or suggestions are always welcomed.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July Newsletter

I finished my July newsletter and e-mailed it out. I also updated my website with my newest paintings and the new newsletter. The main feature covers a way to play with your paints and create a color chart. Although geared towards oils and acrylics, the same concept can be used for almost all color media - watercolor, color pencil, pastels...

If you would like the future newsletters sent directly to you, just email me at I do not give out or sell or distribute these addresses for anything else.