Thursday, May 29, 2008

Art Show Opprotunity This gallery is having a show with applications due June 16. Thought you might be interested in looking into it. The show is called "A Tribute to Women". I think I'm going to enter but not sure which painting(s) yet. I want to do my 'All Tied Up' - this is one of my Body Language series - but not one of the usual ones. This figure does not show the head, let alone the face. The woman has 'decorated' her body with straps, chains, tats and fabric. Although it seems she wants them to be decorations, in reality they seem to be bindings and chains that she is unable to free herself from. It is watercolor and I am happy that I was able to achieve different textures in the painting. From skin to cloth to leather to metal, I think I captured the essence of each. What do you think?

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