Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Body Language Painting - Family Secrets

The sketch

First layout

I just started a new canvas.  It is part of my body language series that explores interpersonal relationships.  This image explores the secrets that every family has.  Some large, some small, but all ignored if possible.  The secrets try to get notice.

As always with me, the layout on the canvas does not exactly match the sketch.  I wanted to use a canvas that was twice as wide as it is tall.  This one is 24 x 48".  

I block it in using acrylics.  They dry quickly and let me make modifications easily.  I think I like how it is laid out.  So I will switch to oils when I continue.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Abstract To Expressionism - SAG presentation

I was the guest presenter at the May meeting of the Seacoast Artist Guild.

My talk explored my creative process for my Body Language series and the path that took me to that series of painting.  It was an interesting, and mostly difficult, process of trying to articulate the way my brain works when creating these paintings.

This is a link to the pdf version of the slides I had in my Power Point presentation.

SAG May 3, 2015

Seacoast Artist Gallery Hanging on May 1, 2015

The Gallery changes the displays twice a year on May 1st and November 1st.  We had a re-opening and 2nd Anniversary this week.  Here is a quick photo of my display.  The front display has a theme every month.  For May the theme is 'Food & Drink' and I did a tasty lobster as my contribution.

I am displaying a selection of my Body Language series.

'Get Cracking'  16 x 20"  Acrylics

Friday, April 24, 2015

Get Cracking

"Get Cracking"  Acrylics

My latest painting.  The Seacoast Artists Gallery at Market Common in Myrtle Beach changes out its window display each month.  Each month there is a theme and the theme for May is 'Food & Drink'.  My tasty lobster here will be part of that display.
It is 16" x 20"  done in acrylics.

I have had the reference photo for this for a number of years.  I kept toying around with it in my head and with this theme, it was the perfect time to finally put brush to canvas.  I am very please with how it turned out.  Makes we want to head out to a seafood restaurant :)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Painting - February 2015

Here are my latest paintings.  I completed them (just) in time to enter them in the local spring shows.

For the Waccamaw Arts & Crafts Guild Juried show I entered:

Looking Back - 40"h x 30"w  Oils

Wave Of Celebration  -  22"h x 28"w Oils

For the Seacoast Artists Guild Spring Show I entered:

All My Eggs  8"h x 10"w  Oils

Embracing The Warmth  18"h x 24"w  Oils

All of these are part of my "Body Language" series.  The sizes of the canvases are important too, the basket is small and intimate and the mountain is tall.

The SAG show is at the Seacoast Artists Gallery at Market Common in Myrtle Beach from April 3 - April 16 2015

The WACG show is at the Art Museum of Myrtle Beach on Ocean Blvd from April 30th to May 31st 2015  I must be juried into the show and judging has not been done yet.  

I am very happy with how these all turned out.