Thursday, May 1, 2008

ATAC Meeting

Yesterday I did my civic duty and attending the Horry County Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee meeting. I am a member of the committee that advises the County Council on how the monies should be distributed.

I have been on the committee for 4 years now. I was asked to represent the interests of the Arts and Cultural groups in the area. This money is collected and is designated to be used in the unincorporated areas of the county. I also live in an area of the county which is unincorporated which is a small portion of the eastern half of the county. We also need to follow the SC law which has guidelines on what the money may be used for.

Yesterday was the first reading of the requests. Each applicant makes a presentation explaining how much they are requesting and what they will be using it for. They also answer any questions that committee may have. Some are very interesting and some are very practical. Some have a high priority and some less so. There are more requests than there is money to go around so some will be disappointed. The 2nd reading will be in 2 weeks, that is when the committee will vote on the recommendations. Then the County Council will vote on the actual distribution.

Although it is not the most exciting thing I do as an artist, I feel it is important to participate in the local government, especially since it does have an impact on the arts in the area.

If you are not involved in a local activity, you may want to get involved and have your voice heard.

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