Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ACE Luncheon

Yesterday the artists that participated in the ACE Members Art Show at the Richardson Gallery on the Conway Campus of Horry Georgetown Technical College where treated to a luncheon at the Fowler Dining Room on campus. It was a lovely 5 course meal prepared by the students in the culinary program. It was fun to have a chance to talk to fellow artists and those involved in the arts. Afterwards we had a chance for a private viewing of the show.

My one complaint is personal. My painting on display is large 40" tall x 30" wide and it was hung very low. So low that a bench was pushed up against it and not only was blocking part of the painting but was potentially a problem with damaging it. There was a small box on the wall above it but there were many shorter paintings that could have been hung there and been less in the way of the furniture. Use a little more common sense next time! Thanks.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Try, Try Again

One of the many advantages of cleaning up my studio is that I uncovered some paintings that had been buried under what appeared to be years of stuff. Some I tossed, some I like and some need more work.

There is a rule of thumb to keep in mind as you create art. Out of ten pieces: 2 or 3 will be ones you rather no one else ever sees; 6-7 will be good and you could put 'out there'; only 1 will be one that you think is wonderful and that you are very proud of.

So don't feel bad when something just does not turn out. It is OK to throw it out, paint over it or reuse in some way. Don't expect every piece to be a masterpiece, life just doesn't work that way most of the time. Keep on creating - the more you make the more really good items you will have! Keep creating!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Art in the Park

The first Art in the Park of 2008 is here. Yesterday, I laid out the park, Chapin Park in Myrtle Beach, with the position of the artists' booths. I am finally feeling comfortable doing it and believing it will turn out nice and sort of match the map :)

I drew the map, so I get some leeway. I try to work around the tree roots, storm drains and other less than desirable traits for tent sites. But its amazing how the trees seem to move from show to show.... The city removed the gazebo and expanded the picnic cover so that actually gave us more room for artist vendors. There will be more than 70 at this month's show and the weather seems to be cooperating with a perfect Spring weekend predicted. It runs Sat & Sun 10-4 - come out for an interesting walk in the park, you never know what you may find.

Later in 2008 we will have shows in June, July, Oct & Nov.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Playing With Batik

Last Saturday, WACG's April meeting was a demo/mini-workshop with Alice Estes a wonderful batik artist. She also happens to be the secretary of WACG. After her presentation and demonstration, we got to play with batik ourselves. These are my results. Each is a 12"x12" square of silk on a metal frame. Not something I would pursue full time, but it is fun to play with once in a while.

Past Issues Available

I write and publish a monthly (usually) e-mail newsletter about creating art. Although the information is slanted towards working in oils and acrylics (my media of choice) there is stuff that is useful to all artists and those interested in the arts.

You can have the new issue emailed directly to you by emailing me your address. I never sell or distribute this list and immediately remove you if requested. newsletter@artistjackie.com

If you missed the past issues they are now ALL available on my website http://www.artistjackie.com/

for you to read.

I appreciate any feedback and any suggestions.

New Art on My Web Site

At the beginning of April I finally got around to posting photos of my latest artwork on my website http://www.artistjackie.com/

I have been focusing on my 'Body Language' series. This is a groups of paintings that are semi-abstract that focus on human interactions. The figures are faceless and non-specific since the age, race, gender etc. of a person is not important. The colors, shapes and sizes are used to express emotions. Everyone finds a different story in each painting since we use our own backgrounds to interpret what we are seeing.

People's Choice Winner

The Spring Art Expo 2008 ended on the 15th of April. When taking down the art we also counted the votes for the winner of the People's Choice Award. Thanks to the efforts of my friends I won! Here is the winning entry. Thanks to everyone who voted for me.

Altrusa Conference

April 5th in Charlotte NC as part of the Altrusa International, Inc District 3 Conference - Making Dreams Come True was the theme. I was invited to give a talk and painting demonstration. I chose 'Dream to Reality - 10 Keys That Work Without a Fairy Godmother'. The demo went well. Here are the Keys I shared with the group.

Dream to Reality
Ten Keys That Work Without a Fairy Godmother

1. Find your true passion.

2. Make time to pursue your dream in your current life.

3. Learn the new skills you need.

4. Learn the business aspects of the field

5. Build a network of support.

6. Check out the competition.

7. Create an image of the new you.

8. Start small and work your way up.

9. Gain credibility as a professional in your new field.

10. Be willing to fail.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Busy Spring

Going back in time....

Yesterday, Phyllis and I cleaned out and organized the WACG storage unit. It was dusty work but well worth it. We found what we needed for next week's reception and now we can get to what we need and everything is organized in useful groupings.

Last Saturday, Alice Estes a wonderfully talented Batik artist gave a demo/mini workshop on Batik for our April WACG meeting. If one wanted to, and I did, we got to play and try our hand at it. Its fun, but I don't think I will pursue it seriously on my own, but I am more than willing to take more workshops since it is so fun to do. I find that all learning experiences expand my knowledge of art in general and helps to improve my art in the mediums I do use regularly.

Last week the Weichert show came down. It was an experience for me completely putting on the show from start to finish. I need to thank everyone who helped, it could not have been done without all the volunteers. Thank you all so much.

My 'Beach Path' painting was voted the People's Choice Award! Thanks to all who voted for me.

I gave a motivational talk and painting demonstration at the Altrusa Conference in Charlotte. Never did something like that before. It was well received and I had fun. Much effort went in to designing the program and preparing the demo. Another exciting but tiring effort.

Before giving the presentation I updated my web site and posted new photos of my art and posted all of my published newsletters. www.artistjackie.com

Finally got my studio cleaned and organized! I can close my closet door and have room to move around. Still have one box of old paintings to sort through and a box of reference photos. I need to decide which to keep and which to toss. That I can do a little at a time.

We had our WACG breakfast. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month just to socialize and have someone in the arts to talk to.

I entered, but did not get in the WACG Juried Show which will be held at the B&C Museum from May 1 to May 25. No charge. Reception is open to all May 1 from 5:30 to 7:30. Come enjoy the show.