Monday, May 11, 2009

WACG Breakfast

The WACG's general meetings have stopped til August.  Our museum show runs til May 22 at the B&C Art Museum.  Open Tues-Sun 10 til 4, free admission - great show, come by and see it.  I have 2 paintings in the show.

The casual breakfast meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday the 12th at Woodhaven Pancake house on S Kings Hwy.  You can come, its open to all.  9 am.  I will probably come for a short while.  Should go to Kate's class.  Its the last one of the Spring and our 'secret' assignments are due.  We were to create a painting that incorporates a frog and autumn leaves.  Gotta finish mine, almost done.

I want to get back in the habit of updating Twitter and my blog and my website.  Still recovering from my fire.  I had gotten into a nice routine of getting up, getting breakfast, going to the office, signing on, checking email and updating the sites.  Without an office or an easy place to sign on, I got out of my pattern.  Being a creature of habit is good at times but it makes it hard to create a new habit when the old one was so comfortable.

Still not sure how long I will be staying with Mom.  Do I get a phone line installed in the room so I can still use my dial-up? (yeah still dial up, a budget issue).  Or get road runner? - not many choices in this area.  But if I won't be there for a year, I cannot commit to a contract.

Been sooooo busy with work, illustrations, work, taxes, work, house inventory, work, visiting family, work, WACG workshop and show...  Oh and did I mention work?  My brain is fried most of the time.  So I plod on the best I can.