Tuesday, August 14, 2007

WACG Brealfast

Our breakfast get together this morning was fun. There were seven of us, six artists and Peggy's chauffeur :) We talked about everything from snakes to sharks, from what shows were good and which ones did not have as good of sales, from the heat to plans for the fall. Its nice to commiserate with those who can understand where you are coming from. Its nice to be able to ask questions when you get stumped. Its good to have friends who share your interests.

I plan to continue to hold the breakfast social on the 2nd Tuesday of the month until further notice. Everyone enjoys them so much it would be dumb to not keep them going! Next breakfast is on Tuesday, Sept 11, 9 am at the Woodhaven Pancake House. The food is great and the service excellent. The friends best of all.

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