Monday, August 6, 2007

More Than Painting

Yesterday I completed two New Year's resolutions, updating my website and starting a blog! Yeah me! The website is not static, I have more thoughts and ideas of how to improve it, but that may wait a little while. Being an artist is more than creating art, it is also running a business and that is a tricky balancing act. Since I have been focused on the computer aspects of getting my art 'out there' I have been less focused on creating new art. Not neglecting it totally, but there are other creative and business stuff I need to get done.

Most paintings (and other creations) are never done, you just reach a point where you are generally happy with the results, so you stop there and move on to the next piece. That is what I will do with my web site, let it stew here for a while, get some feedback and later make a new revision. The 'New Stuff' page will let me easily post the new art without changing everything.

My studio is a wreck right now, I pulled out all of my paintings to make sure I had everything photographed. Plus I was interviewed on 'Southern Style' with Diane Stokes on the local Time Warner Channel. It aired on 7/31. I showcased nine paintings in my Body Language series during the taping as well as showing off five murals I have done. Again, everything is dug out of storage, hey, I had to look through it all to decide what to take with me for the taping. Since it is all out now, it is a good time to go through everything, double check my photos and put it away nicely. That is this week's project.

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Unknown said...

Hi Jackie:
I checked out the website and will be the first one to comment on your blog!

Both are very well done. I even saw the Mural you did for Dianes bar.

Good job! Hope to see you in Charlotte again soon.