Sunday, August 24, 2008

'Reach In' - the illustration

I have received a commission to create an image for 'Reach In'. The focal point of the image is the reach to a handshake. So I begin with that. I started with a few sketches and chose my favorite. I then used tracing paper to try the image a couple of ways. The image is to be a black and white silhouette, so I tried one that was very solid, one with a lot of heavy cross hatching and one less stark. The third was my favorite - however when I first scanned it in to my pc, it was not a good result. So I tried placing another sheet of tracing paper over it before scanning - to 'soften it a little' - that turned out just how I imaged it.

Next I will add the prison bars to show the hands reaching to each other through the cell walls. This has turned out to be a very strong image. I may recommend that my client consider using this one. It may convey what they want. Onto the next step.

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