Sunday, August 3, 2008

Catching the Wind

This is one of the ideas I have in my 'paint someday' folder. I finally got it out and started it. I think I want to paint this one with lots of texture and thick paints. That is how I did the sky so far. I just painted the water smooth, but I wanted an under painting so when I go back over with thicker paints, what is already there can show through and give some contrasting colors.

I like having a 'to do list' of what I want to paint. I feel I can get right into painting without having to decide 'what will I do today?' I may choose among the 10-12 I have selected, but its better than starting without clue of what I want to get onto canvas. My 'to do' list is always growing, I don't think it ever gets done. But it is sort of my top 10 of good ideas - so I can add to it when my brain is working that way and pick from the list when I am ready to work.

Most artists have a huge stash of things that they want to paint. But try narrowing it down every once in a while to a manageable 5-10 and have those ideas at the top of the list. So the next time you go to start a project, you have a reasonable number of ideas to choose from.

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