Friday, August 29, 2008

Planning a Mural

I talked to a lovely couple about creating a mural for their living room. I met with them and saw the space. They looked through my photos of other murals I have done. They want a Live Oak tree with lots of Spanish Moss. I took some measurements and told them I would give them some options.

This is how I went about planning it out. I did a quick sketch of a tree the approximate shape and size of the tree on a layout of the size of the wall. I then used some software to vary the options of how the tree could be place. This is a starting point for our conversations. They have a visual reference for the options they have for the tree. Although I have my favorite, it really doesn't count. They have to live with it - so I want to paint something they will be happy with.

When I go to paint the tree, it will be realistic using natural colors. The sketch is just a rough way to work out the spacing issues before I go any further. Will keep you posted.

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ive done something here to have you a few cents!