Monday, June 2, 2008

A Tangle Of Expectatons - Part 3

Been evaluating the new painting and thinking about it. I decided that I do want to keep the ribbons in mostly in soft colors. I want the ribbons to initially appear non-threatening. Probably mostly pastel versions of the primaries - light blue, pink and pale yellows. Although I kinda like the idea of the blindfold being lime green or turquoise.
I want to keep the colors of the ribbons very clean so I am going to let the figure and background dry. That means I won't work on it for at least a week. One of the drawbacks of oils, the long drying time. I did not use any additives, like Liquin, that would speed the drying time up. But I have other stuff to do and letting a painting, and my thoughts, stew a little doesn't bother me. Sometimes it helps me get a better result.

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