Saturday, June 14, 2008

Palm From Demo

Back in January I gave an oil painting demo for the WACG meeting. During that demo I painted this palm tree. I can paint a palm upside down while I am talking. Depending upon the size of the group, sometimes painting flat allows viewers to see more than if I painted on an easel. So this time I painted with the canvas flat on the table. I really liked what I had done, so today while cleaning up my studio and before I put my palette away, I touched up a few things and signed it. All I did was to add more values to the fronds and more shadows to the tree and grasses.

This, like all of my paintings are for sale. If interested, contact me and I can send you a better photo with the particulars. Price depends upon framing or not, shipping or not, etc. Newest oil paintings don't get shipped until they are at least 30 days old so the oil can cure. Other media are ready almost immediately.

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Anonymous said...

Love your palms,, fluffy