Sunday, August 21, 2016

Black & White

"Behind You"  Oils  12"x12"

"SILENCE!"  Oils  12"x12"

These two new paintings will be part of the "Black & White" show at the William H. Miller Gallery & Studio on Main St here in Myrtle Beach.

These are the first in my Body Language series that I have done in strictly black and white.  They are very textural.  I love color and usually have very strong colors in my paintings.  Since I was limited I did more knife work to create the texture.  I used warm and cool grays as well as the black and white.

"Behind You" represents those who are behind you in life.  Not only while waiting in line, but also those that have your back.  Family, friends, authority figures, sometimes even strangers support you.  You may not always realize how much they do so, but they do.  This support allows you to do so many things in life that would be harder if not impossible to do with them there.

"SILENCE!"  represents the times when we have no voice.  Whether silenced by people or culture or religion there are times where we find we cannot speak out.  We need to break that lock and find our voice and speak what we must say.

Reception is Friday 8/26 6-9 pm and will run through 9/3 1-5 pm  Gallery is open daily 1-5

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