Thursday, July 14, 2016

Revision and Another Revision

Ensnared In The Lives Of Others has been brought back to life.  I did the original painting back in 2014.  I was never really happy about the results.  I studied it over the past 2 years and asked others for their thoughts.  

Finally I thought I had a plan and made some revisions.  It was better.  

I am taking a class with Alex Powers and as part of that class is a critique and on Tuesday one of the paintings I took in was this one.  I really like what I heard - not that it was great, but there were issues and a suggestion on how to fix it.

I took it to heart, picked up my paintbrush (again) and made more changes.  

This time I am very happy with the results.  Now I am done - really.  I have found a good place to stop.

first version

first revision

final version

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