Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Live Oak Mural

These clients have a wonderful wall for a mural. So they decided that in their living room they want a mural of a live oak tree with lots of Spanish moss. They decided to have their white living room painted a beautiful sky blue. This is the setting for the mural.

I started by sketching out the where the tree will be in chalk. I like using chalk since it is so easy to erase and make changes.

Then I painted in the grassy field that will be around the tree. I used the two doorways as a natural end for the image. I made sure to vary the values to give the illusion of depth to the field. I then added the distant tree line.

Next I began the tree. I usually start at the roots and work up, it seems to 'grow' better that way. I paint in the bark as I go. I call my style 'casual realism' . I feel that I capture a realistic illusion of the things I paint without getting too photo realistic in the process. I want the image to comfortable to live with - not fussy.

I am putting a very large tree on what is a large wall, but not as large as a real tree would be. So I will need to branch out the trunk pretty quickly. Once all of the branches are painted in, with leaves and Spanish moss, it will look very different. Also I will add a vine on the trunk and grasses at ground level. Right now it looks pretty stark, but that will change.

Next step will be to work on the branches and leaves.

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