Thursday, March 2, 2017

Class Demo - Morning Sun - Part 2

Part 2 of Demo - See earlier post for part 1
flower pot

Last week I painted the background and streaked the glass.  Today I painted the window sill and blocked in the pot.

I used a limited palette of white, ultramarine blue (same as the window), yellow ochre and burnt sienna.

I mixed blue and burnt sienna to make a gray and used that for the shadow areas on the sill.  I used a ruler to sketch in the lines in chalk.  I also used the ruler to guide the brush to get straight lines.  I wipe the ruler off after each stroke.  I used a mix of white, yellow ochre and burnt sienna to make a golden beige for the sill, slightly changing the mix for each of the strips.  I used the gray mix to put the shadow under the pot.  I used white to give a strong highlight on the top of the sill.

I blocked in the pot with similar mixes.  I used more burnt sienna to give a kraft paper/terra-cotta look to the pot.  I used the gray mix for the shadow side.  I used just white and yellow ochre for the highlight side.  I wet my brush slightly more with just a touch of water to help blend all the colors in the pot.  I also put a few strokes of blue and straight burnt sienna in the pot for some variety.

Demo will be continued next week in class.

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