Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Paintings - In Progress

OK, I am the first to admit I am not good at keeping up with my blogs.  But its a new year and my resolution is back into the spotlight so I am getting off to a good start for this year.

I have 3 paintings in progress right now.  Hope to get 2 of them completed in time to enter them into the WACG Juried Show.  Entries are due early to mid February.  So I have some time.  I know what I want to do, now it just getting the paint on the canvas.  All of them are in my Body Language series.

Prisoner of Past Mistakes


Current State of Almost Done-ness

As you can see I still need to paint the ribbons that hold my person captive.  I added one across the face, I feels that adds to the prison feel.  The ribbons on the left are there to show the viewer that the ribbons are just that and not iron bars, ribbons that may easily be broken or removed.  There is glare on the right side of the photo, the background is essentially dark blue with a few lighter streaks, but the same across the canvas.  The person and background I believe are done.  I will vary the colors of the ribbons but keep them in the yellow family - I think.

Spinning in the Wind


In Progress

How do you feel when your life seems to be spinning out of control?  In reality you're in the same spot, but that is not how you feel.  I made the painting smaller than I had originally planned, its now large enough but not too large.  I made it feel as if it is outside in a simple landscape to enhance the concept of wind.  I added a couple panels to the whirly-wig.  I laid it out in acrylics but am finishing up with oils.  Only the two panels near the figure are done and the background.  I will adjust the coloration of some of the other panels as I go over them.  The figure will be more realistic in shape but I need the front panels to dry before I can work on them.  Much work to do.

Looking Up


I have the canvas with the drawing sketched onto it, but that is the extent of the physical painting.  The work I have done in addition to the concept and the sketch, has been to decide on the color scheme and to get the feeling that you get if you are laying flat on the floor (or where ever) and am looking up at people looking down at you.  This is the view point of an infant, an invalid, or anyone that feels helpless and off-balanced.  Just getting started.  I need to finish the other two first.

That is my to-do list as far as my paintings go.  Class demo's, newsletters, illustrations, goofing off... they are on the list too.  Keeping up with my blog is way down the list, but I will try to do better this year - really!

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