Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wrap Up The Year

Yes, it is only the 1st of December, but I am in a mood to start tying up loose ends.

I have not posted anything on this blog recently - my life has taken a turn.  Since the beginning of July I have been in Florida helping my Aunt.  She is my Dad's little sister and my godmother and a good friend all of my life.  She lost her husband of over 51 years and has some heath issues of her own.  I have been staying with her, helping with all of the paperwork, doctors visits etc.  My energy is spent with all of that.  Things have stabilized enough that I feel that I can start putting some effort into my own work.

I have been sketching.  Exploring ideas for a book to write.  Planning to finally getting around to updating my website. 

I need to get photos and create a post showing my latest 4 painting that I did in the Spring.  They each can stand alone, be two diptych or what I like most is that they can hang 4 in a rectangle and create one large quad-tych.  Each is 3' x 2' and when hung like that the image is 6' x 4'.  I created it to be hung as part of a show called Big Art which was displayed at the Richardson Gallery at the Horry Georgetown Tech College at the Conway campus.  I really like how it turned out (and how easy it was to transport this way)

I hope the Holidays are wonderful for everyone.  My resolution for the New Year is to get back to posting on a regular basis.  I might just be able to keep that one :)


Bill said...

I love the New Year at the beach, and all the way through December. Painting sunny beaches and throngs of people has its joys to, but a winter beach has so many interesting things going on – especially in South Carolina where it’s not really winter.

The ocean and the beach get really interesting this time of year – the piers have a forlorn look on cool mornings, when the mist is heavy. It’s also a lot cheaper which is nice – Myrtle Beach resortsfor a fraction of the price! But I’ll be thinking of it in summer to. The crowds and screaming kids, skeeball and rollercoasters and Ferris wheels. I do like the summer too!

Anonymous said...
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