Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 2011 Demo Part 3

The demo is completed by finishing the trees on the right hand side. Same idea, make the trees in the distance a slightly lighter value than the ones closer to the viewer.

Use the same concept with the post for the fence. The ones in the distance are slighter lighter in value than the ones that are closer. Each post needs a shadow. Each post need a lighter value on one side and a darker value on the other, keeping the light source consist ant with the source for the trees. Each post needs a lighter value along the top.

The wire contenting each post needs to be just implied, our brains will fill in the rest.

If I were doing this at home I would take more time with the trees and fill in the branches more. I made sure the branches fill in the shape of the canvas.

All in all a good example of how to create perspective in a landscape painting.

Any questions or comments let me know.
Artist Jackie

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