Monday, November 24, 2008

My 'Broken Heart'

How do you mend a broken heart.... Lyrics from the past. One of my assignments for an illustration is to create an image to illustrate making amends. One image I thought of, right off the bat, was a broken heart being repaired.

To approach this image, I sketched out a couple of ideas, one being a broken heart with a band-aide. One with rope or string wrapped around it too tight. Others I won't admit to :)

My next step was to do an image search on the Internet. I use Google, but others work as well. I wanted to get an idea of what sort of images are already out there. I want mine to be different. I want to present a unique take on the subject, my take. So I did a search on 'broken heart' and there are a lot of strong images out there. Some very predictable, some disturbing, some very interesting, some very well done.

So I went back to sketching and decided to take the approach of a heart that has started to be put back together. One that had been broken in many pieces. So I did the sketch, then enlarged it and even though I like the black and white image, I also painted it.

I like my image. It has a sad element to it, but with a glimmer of hope of perseverance.

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