Friday, July 11, 2008

Autumn Landscape Workshop - The Beginning

I will be offering a one day workshop on Sept 27, Saturday, 9-4, at the Base Rec Center. Jointly sponsored by WACG and the Myrtle Beach Base Rec Center. It is an oil painting workshop on creating an Autumn landscape with emphasis on getting natural looking autumn colors and getting a sense of space in your painting (aerial perspective). The paints will be provided but the students will need to bring the rest of their supplies. I still need to create a supply list. The goal is that by the end of the workshop the student should have a mostly if not fully completed painting. We will be working wet on wet, since it is just a one day workshop. That much has been decided.

Now for me the real work begins. What painting will we do? I did a sketch while watching TV the other night and during the open studio yesterday did a 1 hour oil sketch as a demo to get a feel for it. It needs lots of work. I was painting flat and sideways and never stood back to review - it was mostly a demonstration of how I approach doing a landscape for a couple of students - so it is not a great painting. But it was what I needed, an idea of how it might look.

I will change the layout quite a bit. I want more of the horizon and sky to show. I want the trees to change position. I don't like the hanging branch. I don't like the shape of the trees' canopies. But yah gotta start somewheres and this is just that - a start. I do like most of the colors. So now I work on the composition to improve it.

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