Saturday, September 8, 2007

Preparing for Class

The past week has been busy with lots of little projects. Mostly I have been thinking about my classes and future workshop. For me there is a lot of thinking that goes into art. Whether I am creating a painting or teaching a class, I like to have a plan of sorts in place. It is usually not a firm step by step plan, more of a general guide to what I want to accomplish. To do this I have to have my goal in mind before I can figure out how to get there. So I need to know what supplies I will need, what reference material and then I can get going. For a painting I need my art supplies, an idea of what the painting is going to look like and I go for it. For a class, I need to decide what to take with me. I usually include a painting demonstration, so I need my supplies for that. I need to know what I am going to paint. I need to have an idea of what my students may need, I like to be able to help out if they have forgotten anything or if there is a tool I would like them to try out.

For both pursuits, I like to create atmosphere as well. When I paint inside, I like to have music in the background. Usually classical, light jazz or new age. Something that is livelier than elevator music, but not intrusive either. Something upbeat and it helps if it has a rhythm that encourages one to move their brushes! That needs to go along with me to class as well.

'Back to School' supplies shopping was always fun for me, so I usually treat myself to something new for each school years still. It celebrates a new beginning, a new challenge, a new adventure... Hope you will consider taking a class this year.

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