Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring Cleaning

There is more to creating art than the actual process, especially when it is your business as well as your muse. Yesterday I cleaned out and organized my mural supplies. I am not diligent about putting things away as I should. Usually when I get home after completing a project, I am pooped and things can land just about anywhere. When it finally reaches a point when I cannot find what I am looking for or I get tired of tripping over things I clean things out, sort through them and get rid of the trash and put the supplies away in a neat and organized manner. Yes I am tired and sore today but I like it when my stuff is 'ready to go' so I try to keep things organized. Plus I find that it makes my work more efficient and that is always a plus in business. Organize your life for less stressful day to day operations, leaving you more energy for creating your art.

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