Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bridge in Color Pencil

I just completed this small landscape of a bridge over a boulder strewn stream in color pencil. It is an image I found interesting and thought it would be a fun challenge in color pencil. I do not use color pencils often, they are not my favorite medium to use, but I like to keep in practice.

No matter what medium you choose, the basic principles of composition, perspective, ariel perspective, value use and color temperature use are always the same. Kate told me that my personal style shows through even though its not my medium of choice - that made me feel good since I think your personal style remains the same no matter what medium you use.

Using different mediums will keep you versitile. What you learn in one medium will usually translate to your usual medium. Doing something different will also keep your work fresh. Although oils are my first choice, I like playing with almost every medium out there.

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