Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bird Feeder - Class Demo

Here is photo of the latest class demo. I finished it on Thursday. I will start a new demo in January when classes resume.

The lessons that went with this painting are, in no particular order...

It is an example of 'arial perspective' - the distant trees are bluer and softer than the near bushes. You can paint a bird with just a dot and stroke or two - just get the shape and size right. Flowers are best when painted in three layers, a dark value, followed by a mid-value, followed by the highlight. Keep highlights all on the same side toward the light source. Make sure your cast shadows under the bushes are a dark value. To make an object appear 3-D you need 3 values - check the bee hive boxes in the front, one side is light, one medium and one dark to give them dimensions. Even the sticks need a highlight.

One day workshop on Thursday Dec 17 9am til noon $8.00 Everyone welcomed. Classes resume first week of January, 2010.

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