Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Autumn Landscape Idea #2

OK, I did not like the first idea for the Autumn Landscape workshop. This is all part of the process of creating a workshop. First one determines the concept to be covered, then one tries to decide what painting will be created that is a good example of the concept. Then you hope it is one that you like, that you feel all the students will be able to do and get a decent result. Its nice to have a backup too. Not all students paint at the same rate. Its nice to have something else for the quicker students.

So after more research and sketching, I found this one that I like better. It is easier to illustrate and make work the aerial perspective and realistic autumn colors. These are the two items I want to focus on, in the workshop. This is my first oil rendition of the idea. I like it! I may adjust a couple of things, but this will work. Now I need to finalize the supply list. Got the paints covered, those will be included in the workshop. Students will need to bring the rest of their supplies.

I may still work on the first concept painting. Use that for students who may finish the first one early or who want another to take home and play with.

Keep 9/27 open if you want to come join the fun!

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