Monday, June 2, 2008

Tidal Wave

Just because I am not working on one painting doesn't mean I am not working on another.

This one's working title is Tidal Wave. Not sure if it is going to stay that. My figures here are caught up in a tidal wave of emotions. Are they keeping their heads above water or are they just about to be swept away. I have been working on this on and off for a few months. I think it is finished. I like the movement in the composition, I really like the colors and the energy they provide. I like the concept. Initially the figures were less distinct than they are now. I like them better this way.

Most times you cannot judge a painting until it is on the canvas. Does the composition work? Are the sizes of the objects working? Do the colors convey the emotions or mood that you want? Does your eye travel through the painting well? Although you can attempt to work these things out in an initial sketch or even in the initial layout, by the time you are done you may need to make adjustments.

I let my mind and artist's eye rest by ignoring this painting for a while then going back and seeing it with a fresh point of view. You can also get a new perspective by looking at a painting in a mirror - the flipped image looks different to our brains. Also a photo can shed new light. Seeing the painting in a different size will also emphasize different features.

Now one could work on a painting forever. But after one last good look and tweak I will let the painting be done and sign it and move on to another.

What do you think about 'Tidal Wave'?

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