Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ACE Luncheon

Yesterday the artists that participated in the ACE Members Art Show at the Richardson Gallery on the Conway Campus of Horry Georgetown Technical College where treated to a luncheon at the Fowler Dining Room on campus. It was a lovely 5 course meal prepared by the students in the culinary program. It was fun to have a chance to talk to fellow artists and those involved in the arts. Afterwards we had a chance for a private viewing of the show.

My one complaint is personal. My painting on display is large 40" tall x 30" wide and it was hung very low. So low that a bench was pushed up against it and not only was blocking part of the painting but was potentially a problem with damaging it. There was a small box on the wall above it but there were many shorter paintings that could have been hung there and been less in the way of the furniture. Use a little more common sense next time! Thanks.

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