Friday, January 22, 2016

Umbrella On The Beach - Class Project

Umbrella On The Beach – Acrylics
Project by Artist Jackie Stacharowski  ©2016

Supply List:  8x10” canvas, acrylic paints:  permanent yellow, permanent red, permanent blue, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, white.  Flat brushes ½”, ¼” and a small round brush.  Water container, paper towels, ruler, chalk, blue painter’s tape, paper plate for palette.

This composition is done in a vertical or portrait orientation.  Measure 4” up from the bottom and use the blue tape under the mark to preserve the horizon line.

Using permanent blue and white, paint in the sky area having it darker at the top and gradually get lighter towards the horizon.

Remove the tape.  Mix permanent blue and yellow to make a greenish blue for the ocean.  Paint in a triangular area being careful to not get water color into the sky area.  If you do, it can be touched up but do your best.  The water is lighter towards the horizon and gets a deeper color towards the beach.  The line right where the water touches the sky is darker. 

Mix burnt sienna and white to get a sandy color and paint in the beach area.  Paint the edges of the canvas with the appropriate color all around the sides.  This will give a nice finished looked to the painting.  Touch up the horizon area if it needs it.

Take a break!  Let the canvas dry for about 10-15 minutes.

Mix some white with some clean water and scrub in some clouds along the horizon.  

Scrub in some waves in the water parallel to the beach.  Use a ruler and paint in the pole for the umbrella.

Add interest to the sand by mixing a watery yellow and burnt sienna and glaze them over the sand area.  Use the yellow in the sunny area and the burnt sienna in the area that is shaded by the umbrella.

Use the chalk to sketch in the shape of the umbrella.  I used 4 sections, you can put more or less in if you’d like.  You can paint each section whatever colors you’d like.  It will take several coats to cover the sky area and get good coverage.  Mix white into the colors for the first few coats.  Then if you want a deeper color use the paint out of the tube.  Once the solid color is in, paint a lighter side to each section to the left and the right edge paint it a slightly darker shade of that color.

Add a few birds in the sky.  Sign it.  You’re done!


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