Sunday, April 22, 2012

the BIG picture Part 2

Now that the 'priming' is dry, it is time to layout the design.  I used my living room floor to lay the four canvases out as one large painting.
I do not transfer the entire image.  I wanted to get the strong lines in, so I used blue painter's tape -easier for a large image.  I used blue chalk to mark the location of a few major objects.
I put in just what I need to save some lights and establish how the four individual canvases will relate to each other.
Next step is to begin laying in some background.  I will do some if that with the canvases on the floor, to make the transition appear seamless.  But once that is in I will work on one canvas at a time for convenience.  I can always put them back down on the floor to make any judgements I may need to make to be sure they continue to play well together.
Time to bring out more paint!

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