Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sample Collage Project

The WACG will have a mini-workshop Sat 9/17 at 10:15 am at the B&C Art Museum.  We will be exploring Collage.  So I did a sample project.  I used a round of cardboard just because I had one.  I used papers we had made at other meeting workshops from the sand-painting and shaving cream painting projects. 

I sketched out the black eyed Susan to make sure I liked how it was arranged on the board.  Then I cut up some bluish gray papers and used acrylic matt medium to glue it on with.  Since the cardboard had the usual ugly edges, I wrapped the papers over the edge and glued them on the back to make a nice looking side

I then used my yellows and oranges and pinks to put in the petals.  I tried to keep track of the values I was using to give some dimension to the image.

I then used some browns to make the center and added a highlight. 

I found smaller pieces were easier to play with than larger ones, but I did not get too small.  I like the look of the piecing.

I have not yet done it, but I plan on putting a couple of coats of the matt medium over the whole image to seal it and give it a even sheen.

The color paper I used was 90lb watercolor paper.  But you can use anything:  papers you created, ones purchased, torn out of magazines...  It does not have to be just paper, you can use string, metals, glass, beads, sand etc.

I did a general write up to distribute at the meeting.  I will post of copy of that too.

Artist Jackie

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