Sunday, September 7, 2008

After the Storm

Hannah blew through here yesterday. Although it was just a strong thunderstorm as it past through, it disrupted my life more than I would have liked. I live in a single-wide close to the ocean, so whenever there is a threat, I go. I may not go far, that depends on the severity of the storm, but I bring stuff in, close things up, turn things off, pack stuff up and move out. Since it was a tropical storm, I went to my Mom's house. It is brick, on higher ground and a little further inland. Plus we get to spend some time together. Then after the storm is gone, its come home, unpack, put stuff back, undo the measures I took before I left.

Those that have never evacuated cannot appreciate the stress it adds to your life. What do you pack, what do you leave behind, what do you do to try to protect what you leave. You sit in your favorite chair, looking around and wondering if you will have anything to come home to.

Yes, we got lucky this time. But I lived in Charlotte when Hugo came through, still a category 3 and watched the power of a storm. Then lived through the aftermath for more than a month. Those that have experienced it knows that when the weather-people and news-hounds leave, the real work is just beginning. So I respect the potential power of a hurricane and/or tropical storm and take precautions. I have learned to gauge the precautions I take based upon the strength of the storm and the projected path. I have lived through enough different storms to get a feel for them, but I don't take chances.

Everywhere has natural events to cope with - blizzards, earthquakes, tornadoes, ice storms, etc. at least with the tropical storms we have an opportunity to prepare for them and brace for them. But life goes on. I will keep everyone who had problems after the storm in my prayers and say a prayer of thanks that Hannah was gentle with me, my friends and my loved ones.

Back to work this week.

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