Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Business of Art

Sat, Aug 16th, WACG, for our August meeting, had a great workshop on the business of being an artist. Amy Funderburk was our guest speaker. She was great, she was able to squeeze a huge amount of great information into the four hours. She was entertaining as well as informative.

The highlights of her presentation were:
1-you need to respect your art and yourself as an artist.
2- if you do not value your art, no one else will.
3- create a consistent professional personae for yourself as an artist.
4- always present yourself in a professional way.
5- put yourself out there.
6- be persistent - it takes an consistent effort to find the right outlet for your work.
7- follows the rules - both the specific ones for entering your art and the legal ones for handling your business.
8- take small steps to reach a large goal.

The response from the 20-sum people who attended was thumbs up all around. Thank you Amy for a wealth of info! Thank you Kate for putting the workshop together for the guild. And thanks to me for getting all of the refreshments together. Good job all around!

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