Sunday, September 30, 2007

Color Pencil Workship

Color Pencil Workshop with Kate Lagaly was held on 9/22. It was a great success. We all got to try our hand at this fun medium. Color pencils are an easy medium to work with. The only tools needed are the pencils, the paper or board, an image to work from and a sharpener and eraser or, as we learned from Kate, Stick-Tac. These supplies are easily portable, not messy and with practice, can give you wonderful results. If you have limited space to work, it is an ideal medium. Students had four images to choose from and got the supplies to work on all of them. We all started with the flower to get the basics down. Then I chose the elephant to play with. I spent another couple of hours working on him at home to finish him up. We had four colors of mat board to work with, plus one with a distinct texture. We also got to try adding color pencil to a watercolor base. Between watching Kate's demo's and doing our own work, it was a very interesting workshop. We all had fun and learned tons about this interesting medium.

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